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Scope of Delivery:

  • Goldblitz Goldfish Mat: 520mm x 295mm x 2mm (ripples to + 5mm) (4 segments)
  • optional: half fish (260mm x 295mm x 2mm) (ripples to + 5mm) (2 segments)
  • optional: third fish (520mm x 95mm x 2mm) (ripples to + 5mm) (longitudinal cut for leaching system 10cm)

Recommended accessories:

For finer gold or vorgesiebtes material may be the Goldblitz washout mat (own production) the better alternative! The washout mat can be used as a catching system or as a real washout mat!


About rubber mats has been discussed enough and here is our contribution to the chaos on the market: The Goldblitz goldfish (own production!). This rubber mat is made of NBR with a fish scale-like pattern of non-undercut corrugations. The color is midnight blue and the base size is 520mm x 295mm x 2mm. On this mat then two different ridges are applied: once the big 5mm ripples and then the smaller 3mm Riffel.Price per cm mat is for the whole goldfish at 0.58 € per centimeter!

overall concept

Why a rubber mat? Simple answer: throw the goldfish into the stream, and see for yourself! The mat implements the following ideas:

  • perfect contrast. Often (for technical or price reasons) a black mat is used. We also use black mats, but were never 100% satisfied with it, because you can not see the black sand on a black mat and therefore often have no idea if the last bucket was now "deaf" or highly potent! So we looked for a color that met all the requirements for contrast and came out: night blue! Blue, as it has the optimal contrast to gold / yellow and a dark blue to give the optimum brightness contrast, without swallowing the black sand.
  • perfect support: There is a restriction here. For extreme blobs (i.e., a length / thickness ratio of> 20) we would recommend at least one additional retention system (Miner's Moss + expanded metal or, if necessary, a fine gauge rubber). At ratios below (that should be about 95% of all tinsel), the retention is top (see picture below in action in the prototype of the leaching gutter.) This is Rhinegold <0.2mm! So this also holds back very well!). The special advantage of the system lies in the fact that the mat washes very cleanly. You get down to the lead with the right attitude, so "magnetite bye!". The result also depends on the local material. My test sands from Rhine, Salzach and Enns go great!
  • Perfect speed range: Many mats have a very limited range of possible flow speeds due to the too narrow spacing of the individual corrugation systems (for example the "Miracle Mat"). It is clear: If the corrugations are too narrow and the flow too strong for the distance, the vortex "skips" the following restraint system and the material remains (depends on the speed and the ratio height / distance of the corrugations in fine gauge rubber quite well, since the ripples are so flat). That's why we paid attention to sufficient space behind the corrugations. Better a ripple less, but be prepared for all circumstances, is the motto here! In my current channel I was not able to observe any skipping even in extreme currents (even though I looked closely ;-)
  • Perfect transverse rinsing: As the only mat on the market, our mat can create transverse swirls lying flat on the mat floor. As a result, the optimum concentration is reached, since there are only very few hideouts in which the magnetite can creep.
  • Perfect material: How to use again only high quality materials. We have designed the mold on NBR rubber with 60 Shore hardness. The soil is still strong enough to be glued with simple adhesives, but not so thick. that the weight gets too big. The mat weighs 620g, making it an absolute lightweight among washout mats.
  • Perfect processing options: The mat is roughened at the back, so that it can be glued immediately after a short cleaning with benzine etc. without sanding. The mat is designed so that the restraint systems repeats transversely every 49mm and 130mm along each side. The mat can be easily glued in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30cm channels. The whole mat has four longitudinal segments that repeat every 130mm. Thus, a full-width segment fits e.g. exactly in the front of the Elvo (Oh wonder!) And a 246mm x 130mm segment exactly in the Universal (Another miracle !!). Put another way: if you want to build a 10cm gutter, you can use a goldfish three times four segments and thus comes to a length of at least 3x 520mm = 1560mm. Pasted mats should be joined with a narrow silicone joint so that no baubles are lost. So it's extremely modular, the mat.
  • Perfect ribs: There are two ribbed sizes on the mat. The smaller is 3mm high and is particularly suitable as a preview element, as can accumulate behind this riffle no major black sand accumulations. Of course, also the 3 starts optimally! The larger ridges are already real obstacles with 5mm and collect the material in larger quantities. It should be noted in each case that the material behind these corrugations is exposed to constant stress: the transverse vortex repeatedly push the material out of the rest position and allow the light components to disappear.

Above is a picture of my prototype washout that's only 10 inches wide and the prototype rubber is still black. Here is the goldfish in action, though the prototype rubber in black. You can see very well the Rhinegold that gathers behind the fish scales, so I have to revise my statement to the fine gold from above, that works really well! In the forum I'm blogging the emergence of a new product, because there are more pictures of the goldfish. The link is here, but you may have to log in the forum beforehand (accesses are free and without data theft in the forum, but I hand-free switched because of Russenspam!).

Explanation of options

There are three options that affect the length of the mat:

  • Whole Goldfish: You get what it says: a whole mat with 295mm x 520mm size (width x length), so 4 segments to 295mm width and 130mm length.
  • Half Goldfish: You get a mat mat with a length of 295mm x 260mm (width x length), which is halved in length, ie 2 segments of 295mm width and 130mm length.
  • 1/3 goldfish: You get a 10cm wide strip over the entire length with 95mm x 520mm size (width x length). This size should be chosen if you need the rubber for the wash-out system 10cm or the cleanup sluice.


    The goldfish is now also available as a rubber in the inlet of our gold wash troughs as an option. The replacement of existing rubbers is also possible and quite simple. On request, you can send in your gutter and we assemble the rubber expertly. Please contact us.

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